What can I expect to pay for my visit?

Cannon Dermatology offers affordable and transparent pricing regardless of insurance type or lack thereof. We offer different appointment types understanding that no one person or disease process fits an exact mold. If you are unsure of the appointment type that is right for you, please call us so we may assist you in scheduling. Compassionate patient care is our priority and we will make every effort to work with you so that you receive the quality care you deserve.

Insurance can still be used for prescription medications, laboratory testing and biopsies ordered by Dr. Cannon. At your request, we will provided a coded receipt that you can submit to your insurance for out of network reimbursement.

Examples for each visit type are listed below:

Level 1 visit/Follow-up visits (15 minutes) - $95

  • Follow-ups only unless approved prior

  • Follow-up on stable condition

  • Follow up for stable acne or eczema for refills only when no change in management is necessary

  • Follow up for treatment of warts or molluscum

Level 2 visit/ NEW PATIENTS (30 minutes) - $ 175

  • Minimum recommended for full body skin examination

  • New or extensive rash or unstable or worsening rash

  • Patients with diagnoses requiring extensive medication monitoring/counseling

  • Hair loss consultation

  • New patient acne consultation or worsening/unstable acne follow-up

  • Cosmetic consultation- consult fee goes towards any services provided the same day or for procedures scheduled within 60 days of consult

  • Those patients who may need/desire up to 2 or more minor procedures in one office visit. Minor procedures are defined as a shave biopsy, few skins tag removed, some mole removals which don’t involve suture (stitches) but include local anesthetic.

Level 3 visit (45 minutes) - $250

  • Patients with multiple complex problems requiring counseling/monitoring

  • Patients with extensive skin cancer history and/or those requiring use of imaging for monitoring of skin cancers

Level 4 visit (up to 60 minutes) - $325

  • Appropriate for patients with complex medical issues or those that need/desire multiple procedures in one office visit


Pricing for procedures such as electrodessication and curettage, excisions requiring stitches and incisional biopsies will have separate pricing depending on time and complexity

Patient's will also have the option for cash pay pricing for pathology processing and reading - currently priced at $50 for specimen (extra fees will apply for special stains which will be discussed with patients prior)

Occasionally, there may be additional fees for the time it takes our staff to complete additional paperwork or extra tasks that are done on your behalf. We will inform you beforehand if extra fees are involved. These include:

  • $50: Pathology cash pay fee (by request, pathology will be submitted through patient’s insurance as default)

  • $25: FMLA and other similar forms

  • $25: Prior authorizations (PA) for medications

    • We will call in or provide you with a prescription to take to your pharmacy. If your insurance requires a prior authorization (PA) we work with several local compounding pharmacies as an alternative. If the original prescription is desired, then there will be an additional fee to submit a PA on your behalf.