Why Direct Care at Cannon Dermatology?

Direct care means we do not contract with any government or private insurance companies thereby freeing us from the increasing number of mandates and restrictions encountered in the traditional healthcare setting. This allows us the unique opportunity to spend more time with our patients all while providing affordable, transparent and high-quality care regardless of insurance type or lack thereof. We are not a concierge practice meaning there is no yearly membership fee.

Under the traditional insurance accepting medical model, practices encounter numerous cumbersome requirements. The need for expensive electronic medical records and multiple staff to keep up with time-consuming paperwork related to insurance regulations, billing issues, and mandated reporting measures are just a few. This translates to higher overhead costs, increasing number of appointments per day, longer wait times, and a decline in the quality of care.

The direct care model gives patients choices - choices on who cares for them and in what way that care is delivered. As consumers, we make decisions daily based on multiple factors like reputation of a product, cost, availability and level of service. As healthcare consumers, this freedom of choice should be no different but unfortunately it is. Care under the insurance-run model of medicine is dictated by government and insurance company rules without taking into account a patient’s needs or wants. The complex and often confusing insurance system clouds the relationship between doctor and patient.

Higher quality care

As the doctor-patient relationship is sheltered from the limitations enforced by outside entities. Dr. Cannon can spend her time caring for her patients rather than focusing on the ever-changing and useless insurance imposed checklists.

You make the choice on who provides your care, not your insurance company. Dr. Cannon can tailor an individualized treatment plan based on what each patient needs not simply what the insurer dictates.


Cannon Dermatology does not contract with any private or governmental insurances. This means you contract with Cannon Dermatology directly. There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills after your visit.

Respect for your time

Same day to same week appointments with little to no waiting room times

Multiple appointment options

You as the patient can now control how long or short you would like your appointment to be. All of your concerns will be adequately addressed during your appointment time. Should you require a longer appointment, we will be happy to increase your appointment time to the next highest time slot and adjust your fee accordingly (unless this cuts into another patient’s appointment time)

Cost savings for patients

Because we do not carry the overhead costs of a traditional insurance run practice, we can pass these cost-savings to our patients. Appointments are affordably priced and fully transparent.

The benefits of direct care at Cannon Dermatology are obvious.

The main question is WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH?

We respect our patient’s time and focus on quality patient care. This is why we give you the control - control to CHOOSE your doctor and how extensive or minimal your appointment will be. You will never feel rushed during your appointment and the processes of this practice will always be clearly laid out for you beforehand. We will always treat you like family and appreciate your trust.